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Personal Translator Professional 20

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10 good reasons to choose Personal Translator 20 Professional

  1. Excellent translation quality:
    Even complicated nested sentences and idioms pose no translation problems for SmartAnalyse.

  2. Fault-tolerant:
    Automatic correction of spelling mistakes makes the translation much better.

  3. Global communication:
    Personal Translator 20 Professional contains 7 language pairs:
    German ↔ English
    German ↔ French
    English ↔ French
    English ↔ Italian
    English ↔ Portuguese (BR)
    English ↔ Spanish
    English ↔ Chinese

  4. Intelligent context analysis:
    Even words with several possible meanings, like coach (Bus/Trainer) or Gericht (meal/court) are now translated correctly.

  5. Huge dictionaries:
    The dictionaries contain 3.8 million entries with explanatory sample sentences.

  6. Individual adaptability:
    Thanks to its translation memory, Personal Translator Professional is able to "learn". Future translations are improved by continuous editing.

  7. Business English:
    Another 25,000 text blocks are available for writing English business letters.

  8. High quality voice Output:
    The integrated reader function sounds astoundingly natural and is useful for proofreading or when in doubt about pronunciation.

  9. High data security:
    In contrast to the online translators, your locally installed Personal Translator does not represent a security risk.

  10. Great for saving time:
    A study by the Fraunhofer Institute has found that using the Personal Translator can help you save over 40% time.

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