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Personal Translator Intranet 20

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10 good reasons to choose Personal Translator Intranet 20

1. Excellent translation quality:
Even complicated nested sentences and idioms can be successfully translated thanks to SmartAnalyze™ technology.

2. High data security:
In contrast to online translators, no sensitive company data will be revealed over the internet. Personal Translator Intranet 20 will be installed on the company server, when accessing the RemoteApp the connection will be set up according to your own network security requirements.

3. Great for saving time:
A study by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute has found that using the Personal Translator helps you save over 40% time.

4. Convenient use:
Seamless integration into Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint). Fast translations from any application with PT Direct. The integrated high quality text-to-speech sounds astoundingly natural and is useful for proofreading or when in doubt about pronunciation.

5. Intelligent context analysis:
Even words with several possible meanings are translated correctly.

6. Fault-tolerant:
Automatic correction of spelling mistakes makes the translation much better.

7. Huge dictionaries:
The dictionaries contain more than 4 million entries for all languages. Including the two specialized dictionaries Engineering Technology and Medicine for the language pair: German ↔ English.

8. Business English:
Additional 25,000 text modules are available for writing German-English business letters.

9. Individual adaptability:
Dictionaries and translation memories can be individually enlarged and edited. Future translations will benefit from follow-up work.

10. Global communication:
Contains 7 language pairs
German ↔ English
German ↔ French
English ↔ French
English ↔ Italian
English ↔ Portuguese(BR)
English ↔ Spanish
English ↔ Chinese

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