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JEDict 5

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JEDict is multilingual dictionary capable to search any plain text files including:
- EDICT dictionaries - all Japanese-English dictionaries from Monash University FTP Archive.
- Wadoku JT - Japanisch-Deutsches elektronisches Wörterbuch.
- BEDIC dictionaries - *.DIC and *.DZ dictionaries from BEDIC project.
- XDXF dictionaries.
- Stardict dictionaries.
- EIJIRO dictionaries in TEXT format, availbale in EIJIRO Ver. 144 or earlier.
- HanDeDict - Chinese-German Dictionary.
- EPWING dictionaries.
- Originally JEDict was developed as Japanese-English dictionary, therefore it supports all conceivable methods of kanji lookup.
- JEDict has internal text editor, multilingual user dictionary, handwritten kanji recognition, JLPT list viewer and web browser with contextual word translation.
Unregistered version supports limited number of dictionaries: EDICT, KANJIDIC and one XDXF/Startdict dictionary.

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