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VirtualHand® for V5 (CATIA)

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VirtualHand® for V5 (CATIA)

Use Immersion Corporation's new CATIA V5-based software, VirtualHand® for V5, together with one of our CyberGlove®-based hardware products to reach in and touch your CATIA designs. You can intuitively evaluate the ergonomics and design of digital prototypes by using your own hands to interact with CATIA models.

VirtualHand for V5-Design

Dassault Systemes
Dassault Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

Manipulate 3D CAD models using Immersion's CyberTouch® option or CyberGlove hardware. The CyberTouch system adds six vibration feedback actuators, one to each finger and the palm, that enable you to feel your CATIA V5 design with your fingers.

VirtualHand for V5-Digital Mockup (DMU)

Experience hand and arm force feedback and feel shape, movement, compliance and weight when you pick up and manipulate V5 models with Immersion's CyberForce system. Use the CyberGrasp exoskeleton for non-grounded finger and hand feedback as you analyze your design.

Sample Applications

  • Design/Review: Automotive engineers can easily design and immediately adjust the variants of a car interior for evaluation and comparison, such as the placement of a glove compartment latch or cup holder. The increase in design iterations by using digital prototypes results in an improved final product.
  • Maintenance/Supportability: Aerospace engineers can quickly perform assembly and disassembly tasks on a CAD model to evaluate maintenance issues before it reaches production. By analyzing potential designs digitally, a reduced amount of time and money need to be spent on physical prototypes.
  • Training: Using only CAD models, military personnel can be trained on the use of military vehicles and control panels before the vehicle is in production.
Virtual Hand for V5
VirtualHand for V5. Automobile interior courtesy of PSA Peugeot Citroën.

Selected Product Features


  • VirtualHand for V5-Design software works directly within the CATIA interface; VirtualHand for V5-DMU software works directly within the ENOVIA DMU V5 interface
    • VirtualHand software provides a work flow advantage by using pre-existing user settings
  • No programming is necessary to implement VirtualHand for V5 software
  • Virtual reality hardware support indluces:
    • Force feedback via CyberForce hardware,
    • Two-handed simultaneous interaction
    • Left-hand-only and right-hand-only operation
    • One and two-handed avatar control via Immersion data glove products (CyberGlove/CyberTouch)
    • Tracking with head mounted displays (HMD) (P3-only)
  • VirtualHand for V5 is compatible with Windows, Irix, and HP-UX platforms

Interaction Capabilities

  • Manipulation and construction of assemblies
    • Offers high frame rate on large models through local topological analysis allows smooth, lifelike simulations
    • Supports unilateral joint limit stop constraint additions to the CATIA joint feature set
    • Supports interaction with any geometry including part bodies, open surfaces, non-manifold topologies, large numbers of parts, multiple surfaces, algebraic surfaces for tiny parts interaction and CGR tessellated models
    • Supports subassembly structures, rigid or flexible
    • Supports CATIA constraints and normal DMU joints (except sliding/roll curve)
  • Large model handling
    • Provides real-time performance for large numbers of parts and surfaces
    • Allows manipulation of large kinematic topologies
    • Offers model manipulation
    • Provides interactive rates
    • Offers extended kinematic constraints; Unilateral constraints can be specified in the CATIA model and used by any device

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CATIA and ENOVIA are trademarks of Dassault Systemes.

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