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HTML Ebook Maker and Encrypter

1.252.800 VNĐ
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Key Features:  
  • Rich:
    Support html,picture,flash,swf,video,javascript... pack all into a single exe.
  • Secure:
    The encrypted ebook can prevent copying,prevent editing,prevent printing.
  • Encrypt:
    PC-binding,Open password,you can specify rights how a consumer can use an encrypted ebook: Open count,Expiration Date,Open time.
  • Easy:
    You can compile single pages or entire web sites into an easily distributable ebook.
  • Smart:
    The encrypted ebooks can be integrated with network authentication, can be integrated with the member management and billing functions of your website.
  • Advanced:
    Support pop up page,and still protect the pop up page.
  • html2exe,web2exe

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