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Watermarking photos with ReaWatermark:ReaWatermark simplifies the process of creating and applying image watermarks to a single file or multiple files in multiple folders. Your watermark can be composed some text, lines, curves, polygons and/or images of any kind. Complex transparency settings allow you to create transparent, semi-transparent or opaque watermarks, even using varied transparency for different part of your watermark.ReaWatermark provides a set of built-in customizable templates. You can apply them right away or use them as bulding blocks for your creation.Key Features:- One step for watermarking large number of photos- Batch image renaming, resizing and converting - User-friendly interface- Built-in watermark templates supportSystem Requirements:Windows® XP, 2003 server, Vista, 2008 server, Windows 7, 8 ( full 32-bit & 64-bit editions support)Knowledge base related issues:- Online Image Converter and Watermarking service- Which graphic formats to use for your image- Description of the popular graphics formats- How to convert CR2 to JPG, PNG, or TIFF image with RAW converter- NEF to JPG photo conversion