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ReaSoft Network Drive

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Secure network drive with extended extra featuresReaSoft Network Drive is a valuable software for those who access network drives in a computer network, ranging from small home networks to medium-sized corporate networks. From now onwards, you can easily connect one or several local folders to the network drive. Besides, ReaSoft Network Drive supports network drives encryption.What is more, the software provides you with the ability to map several local or/and network folders to one network drive that was impossible before in Windows. For example, connecting to the network drive two folders of 10Mb and 20Mb results in network drive with its overall volume 30Mb. In the view of functionality, this one of the awaited feature.Key features allow to: Create a network drive from one or several local or network folders Encrypt a virtual drive Keep all the data in one container file Utilize free space in several network computers to create a network drive