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RemoteExec version 4.04 for 10 Users

8.723.200 VNĐ
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RemoteExec® functionality

RemoteExec considerably simplifies and accelerates all install and update tasks on a Local or Wide Area Network as well as remote machines.

RemoteExec allows you to instantly and remotely execute programs (.exe, .bat, .cmd), scripts (.vbs, .js), program associated file types (.txt, .doc, .wav, .reg, .inf, .msi, ...), to copy folder(s)/file(s), ...

Using RemoteExec you can:

  • Add/Modify/Delete registry keys and/or values
  • Install patches, Service Packs and hotfixes.
  • Deploy Windows Installer packages in silent mode
  • Run applications, programs and scripts
  • Copy files and folders

You can also:

  • “Cleanly” close down any opened user sessions after a certain hour
  • Launch a general shutdown
  • Send alerts to users: display messages, run sound files
  • Reboot a remote computer

How does RemoteExec® work?

RemoteExec is extremely simple to use and doesn’t require any prior training

Only a few minutes are necessary to get your first action launched:

  • Install RemoteExec on any workstation or server connected to your network
    (Time estimate: less than 2 minutes)
  • Select the or thee action(s) to execute
    (Hotfix deployment, script execution, system reboot, etc...)
  • Define target computer criteria
    (Workstations only, systems running XP SP2, etc...)
  • Select the target computer zone
    (The whole domain, organization unit(s), specific list of computers, etc...)
  • Click to start the job
    (A progress window is displayed, followed by the status report detailing the success/failure of each action)
  • If necessary, you can schedule subsequent automatic passes for computers unavailable during the initial pass (unconnected laptops, powered down computers, etc...)