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RISAFoundation (Version 11.0)

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RISAFoundation FeaturesRISAFoundation modelAutomatic Mesh GenerationSlabs are automatically discretized into well formed quadrilateral – not triangular – elements at a specified mesh size. Beams are automatically discretized.Thick Plate ModelingThe thick plate method of RISAFoundation provides more realistic results than the thin plate modeling procedure found in other products.RISAFoundation modelComprehensive Rebar Calculations and DetailingRISAFoundation gives you the freedom to design and detail a slab in any direction. Grade beams, pile caps and spread footings are automatically designed and detailed as well. Rebar schedule and DXF export are also available.RISA-3D and RISAFloor IntegrationRISAFoundation excels as a stand alone application. Its full integration with the RISA Building System brings productivity to a higher level. Manage all project footings in one model, in one file, and within the same environment as your structure. All loads are automatically applied and all footings are optimized at once.

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