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Axolot AXWReports (Single license)

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AXWReports. Report generator component that let you generate reports from MS Word template files. Available for VCL and Firemonkey.Instead of using a special report editor when creating reports, AXWReports uses MS Word documents as templates for the reports.This gives you several advantages:You don't have to learn how to use a report editor. At least not if you are familiar with MS Word.As the report template is a MS Word document, it is easy to distribute and easy for other users to change.You can use the features of MS Word, such as text formatting, tables, text boxes and much more.A report can easily be merged into another MS Word document.AXWReports uses DOCXReadWrite for creating the report files. This means that you can use DOCXReadWrite to post process the reports.AXWReports is available for VCL and Firemonkey.

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