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VRS Recording System Professional (1-7 Channels)

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General Voice Recorder Features

  • Record 1 to 64 audio channels simultaneously on one PC.
  • Automatic voice activated, hardware port control or continuous recording modes.
  • Signal processing to improve voice intelligibility and automatic level control.
  • Find and play recordings ordered by date and channel or from other computers on the local area network.
  • Keyword search of recorded audio.
  • Save recordings as wav, mp3 or gsm files.
  • Automatic file compression.
  • Log recording details to an SQL database or to a comma delimited CSV file.
  • Mirror recordings to backup drive(s), upload of recordings to FTP server, or send recordings to an email address.
  • [Optional] Play a default or customized "recording started" prompt on computer when recording starts.
  • Includes an API + SDK so third party programs can control VRS recording VRS software development kit
  • VRS RemoteMonitor to listen to remote recording live over a network or internet with TCP/IP streaming.
  • VRS RemoteControl to control recordings (including start and stop) from another workstation on network.
Radio Recording and Station Logging Features
  • Continuous Recording 24 hours a day (or optional date-time scheduling)
  • Breaks recordings into easily manageable hour-long files.
  • High compression settings to reduce hard drive requirements.
Telephone Recording Features
  • Record up to 64 telephone lines simultaneously and automatically.
  • Log dialed number (DTMF tones).
  • Provide outbound call audit and cost estimate displays and logs.
  • Additional searching by the DTMF number dialed.
  • Each workstation can manually start and stop recording on their extensions (ideal for call centers) with VRS RemoteControl.
  • Record Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone calls directly over the network
    (eg. calls made with Express Talk softphone). More information about VoIP.
  • Integrates directly with Axon Virtual PBx by automatically detecting and configuring the VRS recording extensions.

Note:   VRS is designed to record 1 - 64 independent channels and processes and stores each channel separately. For a recorder that is more suited to recording many microphones in the same room in a combined synchronous form, you should consider using the MSRS Conference Recorder. If you are looking to record a single phone line TRx personal phone recorder may be a better fit.

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