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Infix Standar Edition

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Edit the text in any of your PDFs directly using familiar word processor tools such as rulers and tabs, search and replace and spell checking.

In addition, Infix provides all the tools of a PDF editor such as crop, rotate, move graphics, scale etc.

"For extensive text editing, the best application that I know is the Infix PDF Editor.... The reflow capabilities of this application are awesome." - www.banquyenphanmem.com


Infix is the world's only PDF editor that offers full editing of the text in PDF with the ability to justify paragraphs, use tabs and other common word-processor features.

  • Avoid the need to convert to another format for editing
  • Ensure rich page layouts and designs are fully retained
  • Far quicker than having to regenerate the entire PDF
  • Life-saver when the original source material is not available
All The Features of a Word Processor...

Infix is the only PDF editor to offer the easy-to-use and familiar tools of a Word Processor including:

  • page ruler with left, right first-line indents
  • tabs and leaders dots
  • paragraphs
  • line and paragraph spacing
  • paragraph alignment
  • text flow across columns
  • standard controls for font, size, super/sub-script
  • underline & strike through
  • highlight text changed by other people or in your previous editing sessions

...Plus All The Features of a Page Layout Package
A truly effective PDF editor requires more power than a word processor to be able to handle all of the graphics and sophisticated layouts possible in PDF.

  • move, scale, rotate graphics and images
  • change colours (fill and stroke) & line widths
  • industry standard colour picker offering CMYK, RGB, Gray, HSB
  • delete pages, insert pages, re-order pages
  • cut/paste/copy objects between pages
  • copy/paste objects between PDF documents
  • merge and place PDF
  • object grouping, alignment and arrangement
  • create and manipulate clip paths
  • replace & import images
  • create new text boxes
  • link text boxes to create complex text flows

"It has been great working with your program, it makes changes in my catalog and web site very easy." J. Stephens 03/2008, Columbia, SC, USA

Powerful Search & Replace

The world's only software to provide seamless search & replace within any PDF and across batches of documents.

  • Search for words & phrases
  • Search by font, colour or font size or any combination
  • Replace with text and/or change the font, colour or size
  • Restrict searches to page ranges or even/odd pages
  • Use for changing header/footers, product names, company addresses
  • Find All... facility lists all occurrences and allows you to navigate to each one
Spell check Your PDFs

Even minor edits can result in basic spelling mistakes. That is why Infix includes a full spell checker in five different languages.

  • The only software for checking and correcting spelling errors in any PDF
  • Supports English (US/UK), French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • No need to convert to an intermediate format to do the edits - do it all from the PDF
  • Support for customised spelling dictionaries
Faster PDF Translation

Use Infix to provide faster translations for your clients. Copy phrases and paragraphs direct from the PDF, translate them using your favourite system then paste them directly into the PDF. Take care of any formatting issues such as overrunning text there and then.

  • Translate the text within the PDF directly
  • Make text formatting changes as you translate the text
  • Ensure original layout of brochures, catalogues is maintained 100%
  • Avoid conversions to intermediate formats
  • Open two copies of the same document side by side
  • Editing text that rus around a shape

    Edit text in a PDF just as would use a normal Word Processor - with rulers, abs, alignment and text styles.

    Editing multi-column text

  • transparency
  • vertical text alignment
  • Find All...
  • Swatches colour picker
  • Colour pipette
  • improved JPEG2000 support
  • improved rendering
  • improved font handling
System Requirements
* Intel compatible CPU
* 600MHz CPU
* 512MB RAM
* 100MB Free disc space

Advanced colour picker dialogue box

Industry-standard colour picker for accurately selecting colours in CMYK, RGB, HSB or Grayscale

Spell checking dialogue box

Infix includes a full spell-checker for your PDFs, covering five languages

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