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WinReporter version 4.02 for 1 server và 10 users

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Using WinReporter®

Without requiring any preinstalled agents on targeted systems, WinReporter retrieves all necessary information regarding:

  • Hardware : CPU, memory, used memory, BIOS, video adapters, network cards (TCP/IP configuration), partitions, hard drives, printers, serial number, manufacturer model, devices, microprocessor platform, monitors, system slots, …
  • Software : Installed applications, files (versions and permissions), licence keys for Windows and MS Office, Windows Edition, autoruns, …
  • Windows : Registry values, OS version, Internet Explorer version, Service Packs, hotfixes, event logs, services, SAM (users and groups), shares, shares permissions, Active Directory PDC roles, version of Windows components, …
  • Event Logs : Event log analysis, logging activity, computer startups and shutdowns, file accesses, printing, service errors, …

and stores it in a centralized ODBC database.

This information is then immediately exploitable using:

  • 58 predefined reports
  • Custom SQL queries

How does WinReporter® work ?

WinReporter installs in minutes on a computer running Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or 2008.

The solution doesn’t require any further configuration for the environments to audit or any agent deployment.

The computers to scan and the information to be gathered are selected within a few clicks using the scan assistant.

A tool-tip explanation for each component is displayed as the curser moves over the field.

The collected information can then be displayed and printed using 58 different reports enhanced with filter and sort options as well as graphics. Customized SQL queries can also be used.

WinReporter can be scheduled to run at regular intervals to obtain updated inventories and evolution reporting.

Reports will be automatically generated and sent to specific Email recipient(s).

Why buy WinReporter® ?

Using WinReporter in your environment brings you the following advantages:

  • help toward your information systems compliance as to multiple international regulations and standards (HIPAA, Sarbane-Oxley, GLBA, NIST/FIPS, ITIL, COBIT, CISP, ISO 17799…)
  • Efficient Information System management thanks to detailed, updated and comprehensive knowledge of your Windows systems
  • Considerable time saved on fastidious manual inventory
  • Extremely easy to install and use, no prior training required
  • Significant TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) cutback

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