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Bundle Serv-U and FTP Voyager

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Industry Standard Security

SSL / TLS Support

Support high-grade 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted communications using FTPS and HTTPS. When using FTPS or HTTPS, file transfers and remote administration sessions are secured.

Trusted Certificate

Create a certificate and have it signed by a trusted authority to positively identify your server as genuine to your clients.

SFTP over SSH2

Securely transfer files using the firewall friendly SFTP protocol. Create a 4096-bit private key and customize the list of available ciphers and MACs for maximum security.

Strong Passwords

Enforce a strong password policy that sets the minimum length and complexity requirements for account passwords.

S/KEY Password Encryption

Secure the FTP authentication process over unencrypted FTP connections using S/KEY One Time Passwords with compatible FTP clients.

Powerful IP Access Rules

Restrict access to the entire File Server, specific domains, or even individual user accounts with powerful IP access rules. IP access rules can define acceptable or unacceptable IP addresses, ranges, and reverse DNS masks. You can even specify a domain name that allows dynamic DNS to grant access for mobile users.

Highly Configurable Access Rules

Grant access only to approved resources using advanced directory access rules. Use virtual paths to map external locations to a user's accessible locations, restrict access to individual files, folders, and file types, and much more.

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