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Parallels Workstation 2.2 for Windows & Linux

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Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Fast to set up, intuitive to use, Workstation is designed from the ground up to make virtualization easy, regardless of your skill level. It even includes Parallels Tools, a special toolkit to help you make the most of its advanced features and functions.

High Performance

Run your favorite software at near native speeds! Workstation is optimized to take full advantage of hardware virtualization through support of Intel VT and AMD’s Security and Virtual Machine (AMD SVM) for secure, high-performance virtual machines.


Have the broadest range of x86-based operating systems at your fingertips, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2, eComStation, Solaris, and MS-DOS.

Strong, Stable Virtual Machines

Workstation’s Lightweight Hypervisor gives the virtual machine direct access to the host computer’s hardware, which lets you run Windows, Linux, and more all at the same time in a stable, secure, high-performing environment. The inclusion of this trusted, mature technology ensures that virtual PCs built using Parallels Workstation are maximally stable and efficient.

Easy on the Pocket

Get advanced features designed for every user at an unbeatable price. Parallels Workstation gets the job done without burning a hole in your pocket.

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