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Voice Pro Enterprise 4.0

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Voice Pro Enterprise: The speech recognition for company-wide use

High-quality speech recognition for a variety of application ranges:
Voice Pro Enterprise reliably and efficiently converts spoken language from different audio sources into text. The speech recognition delivers a high level of recognition accuracy, even under difficult conditions!

Areas of application for the powerful Voice Pro Enterprise technology include:

  • Transcription of films and videos
  • Automatic creation of subtitles
  • Conversion of audio into text (memos, minutes, podcasts, interviews)
  • Media Search
  • Support for mobile devices

Convenient search and edit feature:
The recognised text can be searched easily, edited and re-used.

The need for spending time on tedious and lengthy speaker training has been eliminated, thanks to Voice Pro Enterprise! In addition, recognition is completely speaker-independent. This means, that interview transcription is now possible.

Efficient and innovative:
Voice Pro Enterprise offers time-synchronous display of video, audio and recognised text. This not only facilitates targeted and quick detection of spoken content but also allows for automatic subtitling. This is one field of application which is very relevant and urgently required since the BITV 2.0 Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance for public authorities, broadcasters and film and video production companies came into effect in Germany in September 2011.

Flexible and multi-lingual:
No matter how varied your company requirements are, Voice Pro Enterprise can be flexibly adapted to your requirements using API (Application Programming Interface). In this context, recognition occurs via the server and can be conveniently integrated into any workflow processes. Voice Pro Enterprise is available for German and English.

Also for mobile use:
Thanks to the mobile support function, employees can also use the speech recognition productively while travelling.

Time and cost savings:
Thanks to the central installation, the Voice Pro Enterprise server solution guarantees considerable time and cost savings for your company. As local installations are not required, no time-consuming maintenance or installation work for the individual work stations is necessary. Voice Pro Enterprise is accessible via SDK and designed for access via servers, desktops or mobile devices.

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