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Data Mining Starter Bundle with SPSS® Base

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Get started with data mining on your own desktop, using the tools with which you are most familiar.

Starting with your SPSS 16 platform, this bundle gives you everything you need to uncover patterns in your data, explore subtle connections, perform powerful regression analysis, test your conclusions, build accurate predictive models and publish your result in easy-to-read tables.

Bundle includes:
  • SPSS Base 16.0
  • SPSS Regression 16.0: Make better predictions with powerful regression procedures
  • SPSS Advanced Models 16.0: Build flexible models using a wealth of model-building options
  • SPSS Classification Trees 16.0: Uncover patterns in your data with powerful tree-growing algorithms
  • SPSS Neural Networks 16.0: Discover hidden patterns in your data
  • SPSS Tables 16.0: Produce fast interactive production tables for presentation

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