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ActiveXperts Serial Port Component - Standard

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ActiveComport is a COM component, providing an easy-to-use scripting interface for serial, asynchronous communications through a serial port. ActiveComport can control modems, ISDN modems, USB serial devices and other devices and machines that have a serial interface.

Use ActiveComport for different purposes:
  • To control manufacturing machines via the serial port;
  • To configure network devices (like print-servers, routers) via the serial port;
  • To control a modem, connected to the serial/USB port or Bluetooth;
  • To send SMS messages to a mobile telephone using a GSM SmartPhone/Modem connected to the PC (serial/USB port or Bluetooth);
  • To transfer files through a null modem cable;
  • Any other scenario where serial communications is involved.
ActiveComport features the following:
  • Direct COM ports supported (like 'COM2');
  • Windows Telephony Devices supported (like 'Standard 9600 bps Modem');
  • Support for RS-232, RS422 and RS485;
  • Up to 256 ports opened simultaneously;
  • Thread-safe to allow the toolkit in multi-threading environments (multi-threading samples included);
  • Support for Hayes compatible modems, connected via a serial port, USB or Bluetooth;
  • Support for GSM/GPRS modems (serial port, USB or Bluetooth);
  • Support for Virtual COM ports (i.e. COM ports redirected through the network);
  • Hardware flow control (RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR);
  • Software flow control (XON/XOFF);
  • Support for any baudrate;
  • Ability to set baudrates, parity, stopbits;
  • Full buffered data transfer;
  • Text and Binary data transfer;
  • Advanced logging.
ActiveComport includes samples for many development tools, including:
  • Visual Basic .NET - Windows .NET based application;
  • Visual C# .NET - Windows .NET based applications;
  • Visual Basic 5.x or higher - Windows based applications;
  • Visual C++ 5.x or higher - Windows based applications;
  • Borland Delphi 7.x or higher - Windows based applications;
  • Borland C++ Builder 6.x or higher - Windows based applications;
  • ASP .NET - Web site based on Active Server Pages and the .NET Framework;
  • ASP 2.x - Web site based on Active Server Pages (server-side scripting);
  • PHP - Embedded HTML scripting;
  • VBScript - Windows based scripts;
  • Java/Javascript - Java based scripts;
  • HTML - Client scripts within HTML pages;
  • Any other development platform that supports ActiveX/COM components.

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