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RISA-3D (Version 17.0)

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The Most Popular Structural Engineering Software in the U.S.Fast, Accurate, Productive — just a few ways engineers describe RISA-3D. Easily the most popular general 3D analysis/design software available, our intuitive interface and familiar spreadsheets help you solve your next problem in minutes, not hours.Packed with the most current steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, masonry, aluminum and timber design codes, RISA-3D gives you the tools to tackle multi-material projects with confidence.RISA-3D also integrates seamlessly with RISAFloor and RISAFoundation, including links to top detailing, drafting, and BIM packages for a complete building design solution.RISA-3D Features:- State-of-the-Art Modeling Interface- Powerful Analysis and Design- Seamless Integration with RISAFloor, RISAFoundation & RISAConnection- Top-notch Presentation of Results

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