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RISA-2D (Version 18.0)

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RISA-2D FeaturesThe one that started it all, RISA-2D is general purpose two-dimensional analysis and design software that makes engineering 2D structures quick and easy. RISA-2D’s powerful graphical modeling capabilities, flexible generation tools and detailed proprietary spreadsheets help you rapidly model, solve and optimize structures with any combination of materials.RISA-2DA State-of-the-Art InterfaceOur multiple view interface, advanced selection and drawing tools, and spreadsheet features continue to be the best in the business.Powerful Analysis and DesignWith RISA-2D, you can rapidly design frames, trusses, continuous beams, walls and everything in between.Interactive ModelingRISA-2D modelThe strength of RISA-2D is its truly interactive interface. With model editing, solving and results browsing in the same interface, you’re able to do real-time error checking of your data, and rapidly create, solve, modify and optimize your model.Top-notch Presentation of ResultsBoth graphical and numerical visualization capabilities let you get presentation quality results quickly and easily.

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