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CC Get MAC Address is a handy tool for finding MAC address and computer name from IP address. You can use it to find MAC address of a computer on LAN even out of your LAN range. It's based on Microsoft Netbios technology. CC Get MAC Address also can be used to Wake On LAN. You can use it wake up any computer on your LAN remotely, it will be much helpfull for some situations...Supports scanning host machine's Status, IP, MAC, CPU, RAM Size, Shared Folder, System Version, Network Card Type and Network Card Vendor.Supports using either of IP address or MAC address to get other one's information between them, and it is easy to locate one host machine.Supports auto scanning as long as you set an interval time.Supports adding the network segments to the Favorites, and then renaming, deleting or adding them.Supports deleting and copying the scanned results, and saving or exporting them with TXT file.Supports remote wakening the remote host if its motherboard supports Wake on LAN.Supports opening the remote host via web and remote desktop.Supports scanning and obtaining the host machine's information via netbios, arp and wmi.Supports using multiple languages.Supports auto upgrading to a new version.

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