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XL Editor - A powerful word processor and PDF editor.

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Word Processor

Create documents with ease using a simple interface with all the features expected from a modern word processor.

Multiple File Formats

Create and edit Word Documents (DOC & DOCX), Rich Text (RTF), HTML Documents (HTM & HTML), PDF Documents (PDF), and Plain Text (TXT).

PDF Editor

Open existing PDF files to edit just like any other document. Fix typos, change wording, replace images, or add an entire new section. You can even create a PDF document from scratch!

Spell Checker

Check spelling as you type and on demand. Support for user defined dictionaries.

Layout and Formatting

Create unique and stunning documents using footers, headers, bullets, tables, and columns.


Enhance your documents by adding images, icons, and graphics.

Convert Word to PDF

Load existing Word documents and export to PDF with two button clicks.

Text Frames

Add text anywhere on your document using free floating text frames.


Full support for printing, including enhanced print preview.

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Hãy gọi (028)22443013 để có Giá Tốt Nhất
Hãy gọi (028)22443013 để có Giá Tốt Nhất
Hãy gọi (028)22443013 để có Giá Tốt Nhất