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With a dynamic team of software developers, iOpus opened its doors in 2001. Their goal was to develop easy-to-use software products that would simplify website and web application management.


Introduced in 2001, iMacros enables users to capture and replay web activity, such as form testing, uploading or downloading text and images, and even importing and exporting data to and from web applications using CSV & XML files, databases, or any other source.

iMacros immediately attracted a dedicated user community. Easy-to-use and affordable, iMacros provided real business value by eliminating time-consuming web automation, data extraction and web testing tasks and replacing them with a reliable automated solution.

Introducing AlertFox

The next product introduced by iOpus was AlertFox. Built on iMacros technology, AlertFox enables users to remotely monitor the performance/uptime of simple or complex web transactions, modeled on typical customer interactions, such as an e-commerce checkout or completing a form.

Development of the AlertFox website monitoring tool began in 2008 and initial feedback was strong. AlertFox was a semi-finalist in the TechCrunch 50 start-up competition in September 2008 and a finalist in the European Plugg Startup competition in February 2009. The AlertFox software-as-a-service offering was officially launched on April 24th, 2009.

Development Philosophy

The team of twelve dedicated professionals behind iMacros and AlertFox are still driven by the same core values that launched iOpus, the desire to design and develop quality products that simplify Web management tasks, provide real-business value, and give their customers more time each day to do what they really enjoy.

The Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Family

Acquired by Ipswitch in 2012, iOpus software was a natural fit with the Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold family of products and their ideology of developing innovative IT software that is easy to learn and use.

Today, the Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold team strives to produce practical solutions that meet the real business needs of network administrators, network managers and users of IT technology in organizations of all sizes.